Why Security in Retail is More Important Than Ever

As lockdown restrictions keep changing, and so does government advice, it is important that retail spaces implement social distancing measures and whatever other guidance is in place at the time. This is particularly important in places such as shops, restaurants and sports venues where areas can become crowed and the public tend to be at

Static Manned Security Guard Versus Mobile Patrol

When you are trying to protect a business or property having security guards is a no brainer, but how do you decide between static manned guards or mobile security patrols? Mainly, this depends on your business, the size of the premises and what you are trying to achieve by investing in on-site security. Static Security

Why Guard Dogs is the Right Choice for Your Security Needs?

Finding the right security protection for your home, workspace or event can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to establish what is most important to you, your family or your employees when choosing the most suitable protection measure that meets your requirements. Nowadays, there are so many security options from CCTV, light sensors and smartphone security apps.

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The Impacts of Corona Virus on The Construction Industry

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, construction site theft was an ongoing problem that affected the industry, costing approximately £800m per year according to World Highways (2020). The Construction Equipment Association (CEA), mentioned that the construction plant theft increased by almost 50% because of COVID-19 forcing sites to temporarily scale down work and shutting job sites.

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The Dog Unit: a Business’ Best Friend

Many years back, I had this guy over for an interview. Impeccable references, impressive resume, imposing posture. He had been working as a door supervisor for London’s most famous clubs for years. Let’s call him John. John told me he has had enough of clubs and bars and fights and that he decided to combine

How to Become a Dog Handler

Meggan wrote to me to advice her on how to become a dog handler. She is a head nurse for the last 7 years and she feels is the right time to venture into the Dog Handling profession. They are so many people in this world who are working in a job just for the

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How Highly Trained Dogs Can Protect Your Assets

What normal guards and policemen cannot do, security dogs can do brilliantly because of their great senses and their awareness in the environment, dogs are the perfect fighting machine against crime and they love it. The dog’s sense of smell and its 6th sense are so powerful that it can detect a

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A sick burglar drowned a puppy. Was he looking for John Wick?

MP blasts ‘mindless behaviour’ of burglars who drowned puppy Benji was killed during a burglary in Great Yarmouth. The drowning of a seven-month-old puppy has prompted Great Yarmouth’s MP to urge his constituents to help the police. Burglars broke into a house in Cobholm Close on Wednesday 5 April. It is believed Benji was drowned

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