Guard dogs are one of the best forms of security for your business and home. They are loyal
companions who will stay by your side at all times and do everything they can to protect you.
Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in a guard dog.

Why Invest In Guard Dogs?

Large Array Of Detection

Unlike many alarm security systems, guard dogs have a range of senses they can rely on to
detect an intruder. Dogs will often bark when it senses a stranger in the distance. Then when
the stranger is close by they will use their advanced sense of smell to identify whether the
person is a threat or not.

Security guard dogs are also extremely sensitive to higher-pitched sounds such as tires
screeching and glass shattering. Both of which will alert and get them ready to react.

A Reliable Deterrent

A guard dog is a phenomenal deterrent against crime. All burglars and thieves aim to steal
as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. However, when K9 security is constantly
barking this can make the offenders feel paranoid and increase the chances of them leaving
the property.

After all, the more a dog barks the greater the chances of someone hearing the noise and
calling the authorities.

Brave and Courageous

Guard dogs are selfless protectors who are willing to put themselves in harm's way for the
sake of your protection. They recognise those who look after them as their providers of food
and shelter, so they will fight for you until the very end.

Efficient Response

Monitoring security systems are effective for catching criminals but once an alarm is
sounded the offender may remain at your property. Meanwhile, if you have a guard dog they will encourage the criminal to leave the premises at a faster rate and reduce the amount of

damage they cause.

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