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The Benefits Of Guard Dogs For Security

Guard dogs are one of the most traditional and effective forms of security. Technology is popular in the security world but protecting your premises with dogs should not be underestimated. Aside from offering protection, guard dogs add a personal touch to your security system and are trustworthy companions. Why Guard Dogs Are Useful Reduce Stress

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What happened with Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp?

Online security is a crucial aspect of social media platforms. But recently, this has been thrown into question after millions of users were unable to access social networks such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Instagram. The Recent Breach To Online Security On Monday 4th October at around 11:40 am Eastern Time, some of the most popular

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Fortress S03 Vulnerabilities

Rapid7 cybersecurity company has found that a popular home security system has a pair of flaws that can be exploited to disarm the system altogether. They found vulnerabilities in the Fortress S03, a home security system which relies on Wi-Fi to connect cameras, motion sensors and sirens to the internet, allowing owners to remotely monitor

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How Could Your Business Benefit From Guard Dog Patrol?

Mobile guard dog patrols can benefit a huge range of businesses, they offer the advantage of physical and responsive security, that can disturb intruders in the act, as opposed to cameras or alarms that only alert you to a possible break in. If you need a bit of convincing that guard dog patrols are the

Does Your Site Need a Traffic Marshall?

The main role of a traffic marshal is to ensure the safety of any vehicles, pedestrians and equipment on your site. Traffic marshals use hand signals and equipment to hold traffic, coordinate movements and direct pedestrians, communicating through radios to ensure a smooth process. This is a public facing role and so the traffic marshal

Why You Shouldn’t Scrimp on Factory Security

If you run an industrial factory it is important to be economically efficient, but there are certain areas you can’t afford to scrimp on, and one of those areas is factory security. Keeping your factory secure is essential to the safety of your employees but it is also essential for protecting your profits. Putting together

The Benefits of Overnight Security

No matter what type of property you are trying to protect, overnight security is essential for peace of mind that you or your property is protected from thieves and threatening situations. Thieves or vandals will often target at night, particularly in warehouses and factories, as they know there won’t be any staff around and the

Why Security in Retail is More Important Than Ever

As lockdown restrictions keep changing, and so does government advice, it is important that retail spaces implement social distancing measures and whatever other guidance is in place at the time. This is particularly important in places such as shops, restaurants and sports venues where areas can become crowed and the public tend to be at

Static Manned Security Guard Versus Mobile Patrol

When you are trying to protect a business or property having security guards is a no brainer, but how do you decide between static manned guards or mobile security patrols? Mainly, this depends on your business, the size of the premises and what you are trying to achieve by investing in on-site security. Static Security