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The Benefits Of Hiring Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are one of the best forms of security for your business and home. They are loyal companions who will stay by your side at all times and do everything they can to protect you. Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in a guard dog. Why Invest In Guard Dogs?

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Young Manchester United Footballer Robbed At Knifepoint in Greater Manchester Home

Tahith Chong has become the latest Man United star to be robbed of expensive possessions in their home. Chong was held at knifepoint by masked burglars who broke into his property at 3 am. The Under-21 Dutch international was forced to hand over various items such as women’s designer bags, watches and jewellery. Chong was

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The Benefits of Hiring Hotel Security Guards

Hotel security guards are incredibly useful for preventing various crimes such as theft, vandalism and robbery. It doesn’t matter if your hotel is big or small, a professional security setup is needed to ensure the safety of your guests. Crimes are common around hotels where big parties and events usually take place. Therefore, investing in security

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The Benefits Of Concierge Security

Concierge security is a casual and effective solution for businesses. It provides adequate protection without making guests feel uncomfortable. Here is why you should invest in concierge security guards. Why You Should Invest In Concierge Security Unique Selling Point If your business has concierge security and your competitors do not, this gives you a distinct

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How To Improve Factory Security

Factory security is extremely important to protect your workers and any expensive items or machinery your premises contain. Here are some practical strategies you can use to increase factory security. Strategies To Increase Factory Security Invest In CCTV CCTV is a major deterrent against theft and other crimes. It enhances factory security because employees will

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How To Improve Warehouse Protection

Warehouse protection is very important for the longevity of your business. You need to find a way to protect your goods while not harming your company culture. Here are some practical methods you can use to secure your warehouse. Methods To Enhance Warehouse Protection Get CCTV This is one of the easiest ways to keep

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Why Hire Security Guards For Your Business

Security guards can be the ultimate deterrence against various types of crime such as vandalism, theft and other forms of antisocial behaviour. Therefore, the presence of a guard in uniform can offer incredible protection for your business. The Benefits Of Hiring Security Guards Decrease Stress and Anxiety By hiring security guards you know that your

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How Could Your Business Benefit From Guard Dog Patrol?

Mobile guard dog patrols can benefit a huge range of businesses, they offer the advantage of physical and responsive security, that can disturb intruders in the act, as opposed to cameras or alarms that only alert you to a possible break in. If you need a bit of convincing that guard dog patrols are the

Does Your Site Need a Traffic Marshall?

The main role of a traffic marshal is to ensure the safety of any vehicles, pedestrians and equipment on your site. Traffic marshals use hand signals and equipment to hold traffic, coordinate movements and direct pedestrians, communicating through radios to ensure a smooth process. This is a public facing role and so the traffic marshal

Why You Shouldn’t Scrimp on Factory Security

If you run an industrial factory it is important to be economically efficient, but there are certain areas you can’t afford to scrimp on, and one of those areas is factory security. Keeping your factory secure is essential to the safety of your employees but it is also essential for protecting your profits. Putting together