Mobile guard dog patrols can benefit a huge range of businesses, they offer the advantage of physical and responsive security, that can disturb intruders in the act, as opposed to cameras or alarms that only alert you to a possible break-in. If you need a bit of convincing that guard dog patrols are the right security solution for your business, read on.
  1) You can chip in with other business owners

Guard dog patrols can be a very cost-effective solution, particularly if you team up with other businesses in your area to join forces. The guard dog patrol officer can offer round-the-clock security to all buildings hiring the services, patrolling each of them regularly to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

2) Attention to detail

Cameras and alarms are only focussed on a designated area, but guard dog patrol teams can survey a wider zone. Guard dog patrol teams carry out a huge range of checks, paying great attention to detail throughout their searches. There is also the chance that the guard dog patrol team will pick up on things that the cameras/ alarms may have missed. They can also physically ensure the building is secure by checking doors, locks and windows.

3)Human and canine instincts combined

Opting for guard dog patrol means you get the benefits of human and canine instincts combined. Dogs are known for having heightened senses of hearing and smell which can help when it comes to security. When combined with the perfect handler, the guard dog patrol is a formidable security force.

4) Flexible security options

Guard dog patrols can be tweaked to suit your exact specifications. There may be an area of your business that you think is particularly vulnerable, the guard dog patrols can be tailored to focus on these areas. You might want to consider keeping potential thieves on their toes, by mixing up the times your guard dog patrols are arranged for. This ensures any potential thieves aren’t able to track your security timetable.

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