Adequate warehouse security is essential for every business. Warehouses allow a business to store expensive goods in a secure location.

However, due to storing so many valuable items, warehouses are also a common target for thieves and criminals who are looking to make quick sums of cash. Here are some strategies you can use to increase your warehouse protection.

Strategies For Increasing Warehouse Security

Hire Security Guards

Security guards are a proven way of improving warehouse security. Guards are one of the best deterrents because potential intruders will notice them patrolling your warehouse. This is especially the case during the night when your site is quiet. In many cases, sheer human presence will put off criminals and encourage them to look for an easier target.

Hiring K9 Security, that are better than 5 security guards and much cheaper. This is one of the best solutions for warehouse security.

Install CCTV Cameras

Visible CCTV cameras are another massive deterrent against thieves. Criminals will be wary that even if they manage to steal something unscathed, there is a good chance they will be caught on film and reported to the authorities.

Additionally, CCTV cameras can also be used to monitor the behaviour of employees. Unfortunately, not all staff are trustworthy and if specific items go missing without reason, you will be able to check the footage and see who is culpable.

Install Security Alarms

Security alarms increase warehouse protection because they are loud and noisy when set off. Hence, you will know straight away when someone unauthorised is entering your property to steal your valuable goods. This gives you or your staff plenty of time to call the police and stop the criminal from escaping.

There are also silent alarms that notify the authorities as soon as someone intrudes on your property. Unlike a loud alarm, this may give a criminal a false sense of security where they are likely to spend more time at your warehouse. Then before they know it, the police have arrived to arrest them and all your goods are returned.

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