Home protection is a necessity for homes across the nation. Security is a major concern for most families and it’s something we often take for granted. VIP street patrol creates a new form of home protection. You have a former army or police officer patrolling your street with a trained police dog. While this might sound a bit unconventional, it can be fantastic protection for your home and family. So, is VIP street patrol for you and why should you consider it?

The need for home protection

A trained army or police officer patrols your street with VIP street patrol. It gives you peace of mind and ensures your home is being cared for when you are and aren’t there. Remember, burglaries take place when you least expect it – sometimes with you still in the home. VIP street patrol gives you close protection which keeps you safe and potentially prevents would-be burglars.

Deter squatters and thieves

VIP street patrols can reassure property owners and offer home protection for everyone. It isn’t just great for everyday protection but for those going away on an extended break or holiday. Any property – commercial and residential – can be at risk from squatters and thieves which is why VIP street patrol is useful.

Squatting isn’t a crime but creates a headache for all property owners. You’ll need to go to court and start eviction proceedings which costs you time and money. Property and home protection are necessary as it prevents unwanted intruders and burglars.

Do you need street patrol?

A lot of people believe VIP street patrol is only for homes worth millions of pounds but that’s not the case. Every home is at risk from burglars and squatters and the need for home protection increases. VIP street patrol is about having a trained police or army officer patrolling your street. This gives you greater protection and puts your mind at ease.

Any costs can be shared among the residents too. Home protection from VIP street patrol keeps you safe and reassures all residents on the street. This is especially useful for vulnerable residents and those who live on their own.

VIP street patrols offer good peace of mind

Every street in the country is at risk from burglars, squatters, and intruders. It’s a major problem and something that people worry about. VIP street patrols are useful for those who want peace of mind and protection at home. It’s also ideal for commercial properties, including empty and abandoned buildings. VIP street patrols bring a trained officer to your street giving you peace of mind and home protection.