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  • The performance of a single Dog Unit is better and more cost effective than running four or five static guards.
  • Guard Dogs are loud and highly deterrent, even the toughest criminals are frightened of their speed and power. Professionally trained and controlled by their handlers dogs provide an active, front-line security.
  • Our customers benefit from the quality and performance of our Dog Patrol and you will be covered with our £3,000 Warranty. This means that if a break-in or act of theft and vandalism happens under our protection we will cover the damages up to £3,000 and you don’t need to put it through your insurance.
    *** Note: Click here to see the simple 3 points required to qualify for the £3,000 warranty
  • Our dog handlers are experienced former Police and Army officers with many years of training in The Force. They are used to face dangerous people and are trained to ease any situation with professionalism.
  • A K9 Patrol is a high deterrent solution against crime. Our Dog Unit Vehicles are Police-like marked and can be seen from distance. This makes criminals run the opposite way from the sites we protect.
  • We train our dogs and officers to the highest standards of NASDU (National Assciation of Security Dog Users). Our officers have weekly sessions of training (see our gallery) with their dogs. We also cover customer relationship and legislation to be able to give our customers the highest level of protection they deserve.

Man and dog make a formidable team and we highly recommend it as the best physical protection you can have.

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