Tahith Chong has become the latest Man United star to be robbed of expensive possessions in their home. Chong was held at knifepoint by masked burglars who broke into his property at 3 am.

The Under-21 Dutch international was forced to hand over various items such as women’s designer bags, watches and jewellery. Chong was mocked by the raiders during the burglary who made fun of his poor security system.

Unfortunately, this incident is one of many that have occurred in the Manchester area to other footballers. It is the fifth break-in in an area of South Manchester since Christmas.

Paul Pogba was the previous athlete to experience a loss in possessions which happened on March 15. The Frenchman’s home was raided while he was away for a Champions League game against Atletico Madrid.

It is possible that these same burglars attacked Manchester City star Joao Cancelo back in December. The Portuguese ace was at home and confronted the raiders, leaving him with bruises on his face.

How Guard Dog Security Can Help

No matter if you’re a professional footballer or a regular person, no one should have to experience a traumatic event such as getting burgled. Thankfully, Total Guard Security offers a range of security measures to prevent criminals from stealing anything valuable or causing harm to you and your family.

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