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The RoboGuard is our secret weapon in the fight against thieves, robbers and vandals.

It is great for Construction Sites, Industrial Estates, Car Parks and any large or remote areas where is too expensive to hire a Security Guard or a Dog Patrol.

The RoboGuard is half the price of a Security Guard and it is covered by our £3,000 warranty.

The RoboGuard is armed with: Alarms, live monitored CCTV’s, Flood Lights, Voice Commands and some other secret weapons.

The RoboGuard is the eye in the sky that watches over your premises. It can work by itself remotely or teamed up with our Security Guards or Dog Patrol team.

The RoboGuard is Modern, High-Tech, affordable and Guaranteed!

Its Mission is to Protect Your Premises!

We are so confident in the quality and performance of RoboGuard that we covered it with a £3,000 Warranty. This means that if a break-in or any act of theft and vandalism happens under its protection we will cover the damages up to £3,000!

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