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    High-level Building Site Protection

Prevent theft and injury by utilizing our construction security advice and solutions.

Lost productivity, missed project deadlines, slipped completion dates and the consequential penalty fees, plus high re-insurance premiums all impact the bottom line and put a strain on the budgets.

So how do you actively protect your site from being robbed or vandalised, stripped out of electric cables, copper piping and lead, tools and materials?

     Our Trained Guard Dogs & Security Guards

It’s vital that your construction site stays secure at all times. After all, is not only the expensive equipment and tools that you have to protect but, construction sites can be dangerous paces where a person could be injured fatally.

You can benefit from highly valuable advice such as:

  • How to protect your construction site through security and guard dogs
  • How to effectively utilize CCTV surveillance
  • How to utilize appropriate lighting
  • How to prevent problematic personnel
  • How to prevent repeated theft
  • How to effectively utilize both day and night security and access control

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