Benefits Hiring Guard Dogs

Protect your construction site with a professional security team

A lot of people dismiss the notion of guard dog security as they think it’s something only seen in the movies. The reality is that protecting a construction site from thieves and other unwanted guests can be important. A professional security team is often necessary to protect onsite equipment and expensive materials left behind. So,

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What is VIP street patrol?

Home protection is a necessity for homes across the nation. Security is a major concern for most families and it’s something we often take for granted. VIP street patrol creates a new form of home protection. You have a former army or police officer patrolling your street with a trained police dog. While this might

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How can guard dog patrol benefit your business?

Mobile guard dog patrols can benefit a huge range of businesses, they offer the advantage of physical and responsive security, that can disturb intruders in the act, as opposed to cameras or alarms that only alert you to a possible break-in. If you need a bit of convincing that guard dog patrols are the right

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What are Robo Guards?

Robo guards are a secret weapon in any security company's arsenal, they help with the fight against thieves, robbers and vandals.  Robo Guard security systems use state-of-the-art equipment, AI and technology, in one wireless system. The Robo Guard HQ will monitor for tampering, and they will also monitor live CCTV.  The HQ can then be

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How To Improve Warehouse Security

Adequate warehouse security is essential for every business. Warehouses allow a business to store expensive goods in a secure location. However, due to storing so many valuable items, warehouses are also a common target for thieves and criminals who are looking to make quick sums of cash. Here are some strategies you can use to

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The Benefits Of Hiring Guard Dogs

Guard dogs are one of the best forms of security for your business and home. They are loyal companions who will stay by your side at all times and do everything they can to protect you. Here are some other reasons why you should consider investing in a guard dog. Why Invest In Guard Dogs?

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