How to Become a Dog Handler

Meggan wrote to me to advice her on how to become a dog handler. She is a head nurse for the last 7 years and she feels is the right time to venture into the Dog Handling profession. They are so many people in this world who are working in a job just for the

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How Highly Trained Dogs Can Protect Your Assets

What normal guards and policemen cannot do, security dogs can do brilliantly because of their great senses and their awareness in the environment, dogs are the perfect fighting machine against crime and they love it. The dog’s sense of smell and its 6th sense are so powerful that it can detect a

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A sick burglar drowned a puppy. Was he looking for John Wick?

MP blasts ‘mindless behaviour’ of burglars who drowned puppy Benji was killed during a burglary in Great Yarmouth. The drowning of a seven-month-old puppy has prompted Great Yarmouth’s MP to urge his constituents to help the police. Burglars broke into a house in Cobholm Close on Wednesday 5 April. It is believed Benji was drowned

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