Dogs are widely recognised as being one of the most intelligent animals. Throughout time they have been used to herd livestock, guard people, hunt and even support the disabled. Thanks to their wonderful intelligence, they can, like humans, become bored easily if they are not given sufficient stimulation. Training is one of the best boredom busters for guard dogs. It brings endless benefits (both physical and mental) and its importance cannot be overlooked.

If you have a working guide dog it will require even more training than a regular pet. Guard dogs thrive when they are given a job and training, as they want to please you the owner. To ensure your dog is stimulated enough, training should become increasingly complex as time goes on and you build on the foundations.

Training is best when delivered in frequent, smaller chunks. The topic of the training can range from teaching your dog to sit or stay away from the dinner table, to full-blown guard dog protection scenarios with bite suits and equipment. Consistency is the most important part of training. 

As protection dogs are required to perform a particular role, top-up training should also be considered at regular intervals. Over time a dogs skills can fade, if they are not regularly practiced. Regular training can mitigate this risk. Regular training also gives you, the owner, the peace of mind that your guard dog will be able to protect you if the time comes that you need it.


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