Finding the right security protection for your home, workspace or event can be overwhelming. It’s crucial to establish what is most important to you, your family or your employees when choosing the most suitable protection measure that meets your requirements.

Nowadays, there are so many security options from CCTV, light sensors and smartphone security apps. However, even with all this modern technology, it might still not be enough. Guard Dogs provide a powerful presence that may be the reassurance you are looking for.

Guard Dogs is the Right Choice for Your Security Needs

So, what do they offer that makes them a great choice for staying protected and safe?

Physical Security

Often the mere presence or sign of a guard dog can be enough to deter a potential threat. Many intruders are known to be put off entering a building or trespassing when they see or hear that a guard dog is on-site. These dogs have been trained to protect, whether it be a person, a group of people, a building or land; a guard dog’s first duty is protection which can come in the form of a loud bark, chasing or even attacking. These dogs will make you feel more relaxed and safer.

Piece of Mind

Although security technology is useful, the benefits of a physical presence means that potential threat can be dealt with in an instant, either through the dog barking to warn the owner or handler, scaring a criminal by chasing them or stopping them from committing the crime in the first place. The power, speed and resilience of these excellently trained dogs mean you can sleep safe and sound, knowing that the building, event or land is being protected.

Astute Senses

From impeccable hearing and smell to intuition and detection; dogs can detect problems before a human, camera or light sensor ever could. Trained to recognise risks including individuals, explosives, toxic substances, the dogs’ acute senses are unparalleled and powerfully effective.

Trained guard dogs work well with their handlers and are a reliable source of protection for your needs.