If you run an industrial factory it is important to be economically efficient, but there are certain areas you can’t afford to scrimp on, and one of those areas is factory security. Keeping your factory secure is essential to the safety of your employees but it is also essential for protecting your profits. Putting together a factory security plan is a preventative measure, and can protect you from break ins, damages and money loss. Below are some safeguards you should have in place to protect your employees and your business.

Assign Duties and Responsibilities to Staff

Your staff and managers may be willing to help with health and safety monitoring, but you could look into an external party to get the ball rolling. An occupational safety contractor can help inspect your factory to highlight changes that may need to be made to improve your factory security. Following on from this you could discuss which team members will be responsible for which factory security tasks.

Invest in Automated Security

In a factory setting it is not unusual for workers to need round the clock access, so you might want to look into automated security systems for your factory. You could use keycard access with cameras and controls for better protection than a singular guard sat in a booth at your factory entrance. This also keeps staff accountable.

Hire Guard Dog Factory Security

Automated security is great for monitoring entry and exit points but you might also want to look into guard dog factory security. Guard dogs have heightened senses and are great for detecting forced entry or threats way before human security could pick up on them. A guard dog factory security team can patrol your site and be on alert for thieves or intruders. On top of this, many dog handlers are health and safety trained so they can look out for possible ‘accidents waiting to happen’ which pose a health threat to your staff and can also cost you in damages.