As lockdown restrictions keep changing, and so does government advice, it is important that retail spaces implement social distancing measures and whatever other guidance is in place at the time. This is particularly important in places such as shops, restaurants and sports venues where areas can become crowed and the public tend to be at close proximity to each other.

What Can Security Guards do to Help?

Security guards can help protect your premises whilst also ensuring social distancing rules are maintained by customers and staff, as well as managing the queue and keeping track of how many people go in and out of the building. Controlling the crowd at peak time is also highly important.

On top of this security guards also have the added benefit of monitoring and deterring any criminal activity. Manned security guarding means suspicious activity can be closely watched and emergencies can be dealt with quickly and on site. Security guards can help de-escalating situations and addressing any threats and violent behaviour before they occur. This gives customers peace of mind and provides staff with time to concentrate on their own job.

How Will They Do This?

There are a number of ways security guards can help your business under the current circumstances.
– Having a one-way system controls traffic in store: This also helps customers navigate the store with confidence.
– Monitor entrances and exits: If you have multiple doors it can be a good idea to have separate entrances and exits, a security guard can monitor these and ensure the customers use the appropriate door.
– Make announcements: security guards can make regular announcements to remind people to keep their distance and follow the one-way system.
– Limit the number of customers in store: controlling the number of people in the store is an obvious way to help customers socially distance. Security guards can form queues outside and keep track of how many people are going in and out to enforce this.

If you would like help planning and arranging a security solution get in touch with Total Guard Security. We have been proving security guards and services to a range of clients, across a range of industries. We can work with you to build a security plan that suits the needs of your business and protects your customers, staff, and buildings.