When you are trying to protect a business or property having security guards is a no brainer, but how do you decide between static manned guards or mobile security patrols? Mainly, this depends on your business, the size of the premises and what you are trying to achieve by investing in on-site security.

Static Security Guards

This is the preferred option for events, retail and licensed gaming. Research has shown that the presence of physical security acts as a great deterrent for preventing crime. Static security is great for events as they can guard an entrance or exit and prevent unauthorised access, reducing the likelihood of disorderly behaviour.

On top of deterring unwanted attendees, static security creates a secure presence, and gives shoppers or event goers peace of mind that you are invested in keeping them safe. This option is the best solution for enhanced security at sites where you want to keep track of who is going in and out, as well as protect personnel or assets inside.

Mobile Security Guards

Mobile security means security guards that are able to move around your premises to keep an eye out for suspicious behaviour or intruders. They are particularly useful out of hours, ensuring someone has eyes on your property when it is vacant and more likely to be targeted by criminals. As well as patrolling the exterior of your building they can also conduct indoor patrols to check for signs of activity, disturbance or even potential fire risks and ensure every floor is secured.

Even if you have CCTV there will be certain blind spots and CCTV relies on someone watching it at all times to catch any illegal behaviour before it is too late. Prevention is obviously much better solution, so having trained security guards ready to react to anything suspicious, monitoring your CCTV and regularly patrolling the building is a great option.

There is also the option of having guard dog security patrolling your site. Dog security can be an excellent deterrent. Security dogs have a heightened sense of sight and hearing which provide an early detection sign and aids in the prevention of crime. Dog security is great for large open sites that are unpopulated.

The size of the premises will determine how many guards you need and how regularly they should patrol. Retail shopping centres, car parks, warehouses and residential communities are all examples of industries that benefit from mobile security. Some of these locations may want 24-hour security, others may require an officer to patrol at frequent or random times throughout the day and night, as this can make it harder for criminals to plan. To work out what suits your premises best contact a security provider to discuss and work out a plan that suits you.

So, which is Better?

As already mentioned, this depends on what you need the security guards for. Static security is great for entrances and exits to monitor who is coming and going into a store or event. They can also do things such as bag checks and ID checks. However, they can be pricier than mobile security. A mobile security team can check your premises at regular or irregular intervals to monitor for signs of illegal activity. They are also often health and safety and first aid trained and can offer expert advice on how to better protect your staff, building and its contents.

That being said, you may find a combination of both works for your business. If you are hosting a large-scale event such as a festival you are going to want static security on entrance points to the festival itself, and each of the arenas, conducting bag and ID checks. On top of that you may want mobile security, potentially with guard dogs, patrolling the perimeter to keep an eye out for gate crashers. You are likely to also have valuable equipment such as staging and lighting to protect, as well as your artists and celebrities who need to feel safe at your event.

There can be lots to think about when formulating a security plan so it is always best to speak to an expert and see what they can advise. Get in touch with us to make use of our expertise and experience keeping people and places safe.