Mobile guard dog patrols can benefit a huge range of businesses, they offer the advantage of physical and responsive security, that can disturb intruders in the act, as opposed to cameras or alarms that only alert you to a possible break in. If you need a bit of convincing that guard dog patrols are the right security solution for your business, read on.

Benefit From Guard Dog Patrol

1. They can keep an eye on an entire area.

Guard dog patrols can be a very cost effective solution if your business is on a larger industrial site, and you are able to team up with others in the area. The patrol officer can offer round the clock security to all buildings in the area, patrolling each of them regularly to check they are secure.

2. Best attention to detail

Whereas cameras and alarms can only monitor dedicated areas, guard dog patrol teams can carry out a wide range of checks, paying great attention to detail. The team will pick up on things that would not be so easily noticed by cameras or alarms. They can also ensure the building is secure by checking doors, locks and windows.

3. Human and canine instinct

The combination of dog and handler offers you the benefit of human and canine instinct. Dogs are known for having heightened senses of hearing and smell, and when paired with an appropriate handler this ability can be used to catch potential intruders way before any camera or alarm would.

4. Flexible security option

Guard dog patrols can be tweaked easily and frequently. You might have noticed a particular area of your property is more vulnerable to entry and so you want attention paid to this. Or it may be because you want to keep potential intruders on their toes and prevent them from learning the guard dog patrol teams route. Whatever your reason, a guard dog patrol team can adapt quickly to your needs.