The main role of a traffic marshal is to ensure the safety of any vehicles, pedestrians and equipment on your site. Traffic marshals use hand signals and equipment to hold traffic, coordinate movements and direct pedestrians, communicating through radios to ensure a smooth process.

This is a public facing role and so the traffic marshal has a certain amount of responsibility. As well as directing traffic they may also be required to:

Does Your Site Need a Traffic Marshall

  • Monitor CCTV footage, such as entry and exit points. 
  • Record visitor information into log books. 
  • Record deliveries/ collections.
  • Ensure visitors are authorised to enter.
  • Ensure visitors to the site are wearing the correct safety equipment, if applicable.

Some traffic marshals may have also undertaken additional training, such as first aid, fire safety or health and safety training. So not only can they help direct traffic and pedestrians around your site, but their presence may offer additional peace of mind in the event that accidents occur.

Who Needs a Traffic Marshal?

Traffic marshal security can be beneficial for a huge number of sites and projects, including:

  • Construction sites
  • Demolition sites
  • Traffic hot spots
  • Large scale events such as festivals and music concerts
  • Theme parks
  • Education centres, for example universities

When Do You Need Traffic Marshal Security?

Some projects or sites may need 24/7 traffic marshall security. For example, festival car parks, or factories operate throughout the night and so there may be vehicles leaving at all times, hence a marshal is required. Other sites may only be open in the day time, for example office blocks, and so these may only need 9-5 marshal services. The main role of traffic marshal security is to keep the site, the equipment, and the people on it, or visiting it, safe. Therefore, when deciding how often you need the security, this should be your prime concern.