No matter what type of property you are trying to protect, overnight security is essential for peace of mind that you or your property is protected from thieves and threatening situations. Thieves or vandals will often target at night, particularly in warehouses and factories, as they know there won’t be any staff around and the darkness offers a bit more protection from being caught.

Deter Theft and Vandalism

Overnight security teams can deter theft and vandalism. Often overnight security teams will bring guard dogs with them, as the animals have better sense and can detect any would be criminal activity early on. The physical presence of security guards, and their dogs, alone can be enough to discourage any thieves attempting to enter the property. Or, in the event that there is a breach of your property a guard dog security team can report the situation to you immediately as well as calling the police as soon as possible.

An overnight security team can also monitor the onsite CCTV. Unless CCTV is continuously monitored it is not that helpful, all it does is provides evidence to catch the criminals. By that the point the damage will have already been done and you will have lost money replacing tools, materials or possessions, and you will then have to secure your property again. Having an overnight security team monitoring your CCTV means criminals can be caught in the act and turned over to the police immediately.

Types of Overnight Security

There are two main options when it comes to overnight security, and each have their own benefits. The first is static security, these security guards will usually stay by the entrance of exit of your property. If you have people coming in or out of your property at night, for example in a private housing estate, this is a great option as they can monitor who is visiting and leaving the area and keep an eye out for unwanted guests.

The second option is mobile security guards, this type of overnight security team will patrol around your property to look out for intruders attempting to enter. If you have a large building you want to protect, such as a factory or construction site, this type of security will be preferable as the guard dog security team patrol both the exterior and interior of your building to look out for signs of forced entry or threats.