Construction site security is essential. It helps you prevent theft or injury and criminal damage, which can all lead to loss of productivity, missed deadlines and hefty fees. 

Construction sites are dangerous places that are often targeted by criminals as there is expensive tools, machinery and materials on site. Furthermore, the nature of construction sites means there are often health and safety hazards present, so it is essential that your site is kept secure, to prevent any fatalities occurring on your premises. 

The team at Total Guard Security understands how vital construction site security is. We have a wealth of experience offering a range of security solutions to clients in all industries, with construction site security being one of our specialist areas. Our solutions range from CCTV utilisation to guard dog patrols, whatever it takes to keep your site safe.

How Can You Protect Your Construction Site?

Our construction site security solutions are designed to deter. We want to prevent theft, vandalism or injury by ensuring no unwanted visitors make it onto your site. Some of the ways we do this are…

Dog Patrol

The performance of a single dog patrol unit is more thorough and more cost effective than four or five static guards. Guard dogs are a visible deterrent, minimising the likelihood of break ins. Alternatively, should a break-in occur, a guard dog can detect this quicker than a human alone, ensuring the authorities are called as quickly as possible. 

Robo Guards

A robo guard is another great method of construction site security. Robo-guards are our secret weapon in the fight against thieves and vandals. Robo-guards are half the price of regular security guards. They are armed with alarms, live monitored CCTV, flood lights, voice commands and a range of other secret weapons, protecting your site with the help of some excellent bits of tech.

Want to Know More?

Our team has worked on construction site security for a huge range of clients across the UK. We are experienced and equipped to deal with a threat, containing the solution with minimum impact on your business. If you would like to find out more about construction site security, just get in touch with our team, we are ready to answer any questions you might have.