We understand that each client has different priorities when it comes to security. Some may be looking for around-the-clock protection, whilst others just want a check-in every now and then. Some clients prefer a human face, whilst others are happy with a digital solution. We are able to tick all of these boxes, but how do you know which of our solutions is best for you?

We have put together this overview, covering each of our security services, to help you make an informed decision. 

Dog Patrol

Guard dogs are a visual, audio deterrent. Even the most seasoned criminal is put off by the presence of a guard dog unit. Our dog patrol service is a frontline security solution, with both the dog and the handler trained to the highest of standards.

10 Point Security

Before you hire a security solution, it can be a good idea to conduct a ‘10 point security assessment’. This will tell you, for sure, where the weaknesses lie and how you can best protect them.

Security Guards

Our security guards are all fully approved by the Security Industry Authority. We employ former police officers who are trained to identify threats and hazards before they escalate into major security problems. Our cars and uniforms are similar to that of police officers, making them a great visual deterrent.

Robo Guard

The RoboGuard is our secret weapon in the fight against thieves, robbers and vandals. If you are looking for a price-sensitive security solution, RoboGuard is a great option. The RoboGuard is armed with alarms, live monitored CCTV, flood lights, voice commands and some other top-secret weapons! As no guard dog or human guard needs to be present, this is a much more affordable option. 

VIP Street Patrol

VIP Street Patrol is the perfect solution for high-worth individuals. Most robberies will take place just as you leave the safety of your home or car. So, we offer a VIP ‘meet and greet’ service, where our dog unit will walk you to or from your car, ensuring you are not targeted by thieves on the way.

Construction Security

Prevent theft, loss of productivity, missed deadlines and insurance premiums by protecting your building site with construction security. Our construction security team is highly trained to detect threats on building sites.

Event Security

As the name suggests, our event security team is there to maintain order at events of all shapes and sizes. They act as a visual deterrent to help prevent trouble but equally know when to step in if the situation starts to look hairy.

Search Dogs

Search dogs are another great security solution for events. Our dogs are trained to detect any illegal substances, nipping them in the bud before these are bought onto your site. It is your responsibility to ensure your site remains drug-free, so search dogs are vital. 

If you have questions about any of our security services, just get in touch and talk to our expert team.