As the holiday season approaches, high-value neighbourhoods often become prime targets for criminals seeking quick wins. 

Lavish decorations, expensive gifts poking out from under the tree and hints of an empty property can quickly attract unwanted attention.

In this blog post, we’ll explore ways to keep your home safe over the festive period.

1.Heightened Security Presence

A visible security presence is one of the most effective deterrents against potential intruders. With our VIP Street Patrol Service, you can have a former police or army officer, trained in anti-terrorism, patrolling your street with a police dog. Our VIP Dog Patrol service can protect your home and your look after your family’s well-being.

2.Personal Protection

Many robberies occur as a homeowner leaves the safety of the property to get to their car. A thief will bide their time in a nearby bush/hidden space, waiting to pounce when you are vulnerable. To protect our clients, we offer a “VIP Meet and Greet”. Our team will meet clients at the door of the home/car to escort them safely on their way.

3.Access Control Measures

Controlling access to the neighbourhood is key to preventing unauthorised individuals from entering. With our VIP Street Patrol service, you can share the cost between neighbours, splitting the service across the whole street. This way, our security guards will soon know every neighbour on the street, therefore being able to turn away unwanted visitors.

Want To Know More About Our VIP Street Patrol?

According to Direct Line home insurance, more insurance claims are made during December than any other month of the year.

It’s, therefore, very important to keep on top of home security over the Christmas period. If you would like to invest in the peace of mind that our VIP Street Patrol service offers, just get in touch to find out more. Our team is always happy to talk through all things security, just pick up the phone!

Remember, the holiday season should be a time of joy and celebration, not anxiety. With Total Guard Security, you can ensure that your high-value neighbourhood remains a safe haven for all residents.