Protect your business with the best-trained guard dogs and handlers, who offer 24/7 security for your peace of mind.

  • K9 security offers high deterrent value thanks to humans’ fear of the threat of guard dogs.
  • Our K9 security services are professional and reliable. We have been in operation since 2004 and since our inception, there have been no reported break-ins at any of the properties we protect. 
  • We offer up to £3000 warranty in cases of a breach of security, for all our clients on enclosed sites. 

Why choose us?

  • Since 2004 our K9 security services have been providing businesses with enhanced security services.
  • The presence of our trained dogs and handlers is a powerful and valuable deterrent against potential thieves, vandalists or intruders. 
  • Our professional and reliable service means you will benefit from 24/7 peace of mind that your business, and staff, are protected from unwanted criminals. 
  • Our £3000 warranty demonstrates how confident you can be in our services. 
  • As crime rates increase, it is important to protect your business and livelihood. 

Act quickly

Don’t hesitate to get in touch, take action now to ensure the safety and security of your business. Our K9 security service is a bespoke service, and we can currently only take on one more client. If you would like to benefit from our knowledge, experience and proven track record, act fast to secure your place on our client list.

Call us today to schedule a security assessment, and to find out how our K9 services could benefit your business. Protect your premises with the best.