We are dedicated to protecting homes and commercial properties from the threat of crime. Our former police officers and army officers offer VIP street patrol to keep you and your family safe. But, aside from hiring our VIP street patrol services, what else can you do to protect your home? Here are five of our home security tips.

     1.Keep keys out of sight

Keeping your keys on display can encourage thieves. They can use tools to reach through your letterbox to grab the keys, making their entry easy from then on. Or, if your car keys are near the door, you could wake up to an empty drive! If you are concerned about home security, ensure your keys are always out of sight. 

       2.Lock all doors and windows

An obvious one, but it still surprises us how many people forget to check their doors and windows before they leave the house! An open door/window is the easiest way for a burglar to enter. To protect your home, family and valuables, ensure your windows and doors are locked… even if you are in the house!

       3.Don’t hide spare keys

It can be tempting, but you should never hide spare keys around your property. Even if you think you’ve found the perfect hiding place, chances are a thief will still know where to look! Instead, you should leave a spare key with a friend, family member or neighbour that you can trust. 

        4.Use British Standard locks

To protect your home’s security, you should always use locks that conform to British Standards (BS3621).  In fact, insurance companies have been known to refuse to pay up after a break-in/burglary, if the home did not have BSA locks in place. This is because non-conforming locks are known to be cheaper and more easily broken, which puts the home at risk.

        5.Speak to your neighbours

You should make an effort to get to know your neighbours, keeping them in the loop when you are going away, so they can look out for your home. You might want to ask them to collect your post (as this is a clear sign that no one is home) or even pop around to check on your house. If your neighbours know you have gone away for a week, they’ll be much less likely to ignore anything suspicious. 

Want to know more about home security? Get in touch to find out how we can help protect your home.