What normal guards and policemen cannot do, security dogs can do brilliantly because of their great senses and their awareness in the environment, dogs are the perfect fighting machine against crime and they love it.

The dog’s sense of smell and its 6th sense are so powerful that it can detect a threat long before the threat can materialize in a horrible attack against its human companion.

The dog’s animal like power, speed, and agility propels into an intruder so fast and so furious that any intruder will not know what hit him. He may even wonder what kind of beast is dragging him across the floor.

Of course, we will like that very much. The biggest challenge for us, dog-handlers, is to force ourselves to command the dog not to destroy an intruder but to gently detain him and place him in custody unscratched.

The strongest point of our dogs is the deterrent factor.

People are terrified of working dogs. It is an inherited fear from fierce wolves, powerful bears, and other terrifying beasts who haunted our ancestor’s nightmares since the dawn of time.

Hearing the growl, seeing the sharp fangs in their wet dripping mouth and the red eyes fixed on the prey, our reptilian brain will flash such a terrible fear in our mind. Fear that paralyses the body and makes us unable to think or do anything, at the terrible sight of a snarling dog.

Criminals freeze in humiliation at the thought that they have to face a security dog and this is the advantage we have over all criminals.

These majestic creatures, dogs, impose fear and respect in any human being and people who price loyalty, power and respect have long befriended the dog and rely on its protection.

Specially trained for protecting construction sites, there is no better alarm system, or loyal guardian than the dog.

Guard Dog Security2We at Guard Dog Security Ltd dedicate our life to our dogs and to fulfill our mission.

We believe people and businesses deserve safety to grow and develop and Our Mission is to Protect!

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