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Gaurd Dogs Factory Protection

At Total Guard Security we provide a high level warehouse security in Surrey with our guard dogs and their handlers. They are an efficient protection measure. Criminal activity such as theft, fly tipping or graffiti can be inconvenient and costly to your business. Hiring the help of a warehouse security company can help prevent this. There are many warehouse security solutions you can look into. From CCTV to dog patrols, you may even want to utilise a combination of these, to make sure you have the best warehouse security solution possible.

High Level Security For Warehouses In Surrey

At Total Guard Security we have been offering high level warehouse security to a range of clients, in a range of industries, for a number of years. Our warehouse security does not only help deter or catch criminals but we can also offer you tips to protect your staff. A warehouse is a risky place when it comes to possible theft, but also when it comes to health and safety. Our warehouse security team can offer you tips on utilising appropriate lighting, ensuring machinery is layed out appropriately and put away at night correctly, all of which can help prevent injury and protect your business.

Our Security Dogs And Guards In Surrey

Our warehouse security guards and their dogs are both trained to the highest standards. We offer weekly training sessions to ensure they are kept up to date with best practices and are able to deal with any unwanted activity or criminal behaviour with professionalism. Our dog handlers are ex police or military and have many years training in their respective forces, meaning they are highly capable of thinking on their feet, dealing with threatening situations and protecting your property and its contents. They also receive frequent customer service training so that they are able to give you the best possible experience when hiring our warehouse security services.

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