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Gaurd Dogs Factory Protection

Looking for a professional warehouse protection in Surrey? At Total Guard Security, we’re experts in warehouse security. Warehouses can be home to expensive machinery, tools, supplies and also staff, so you are likely going to want some warehouse protection. There are a range of security measures you can implement for this, CCTV, static guards, or guard dog security are some of them. You may just want one of these things or a combination, to ensure you have a full package warehouse security plan.

We Are Specialists In Warehouse Protection In Surrey

At Total Guard Security we have been offering warehouse security in Surrey for a range of happy clients, for a number of years. No matter what your business is we can find a way to protect it. We have a team of dog handlers who are all ex army or police officers with many years experience in the force. They are trained to the highest standard and undergo weekly refreshers to enable them to give the best warehouse protection and customer service possible. In the unfortunate event that the guards need to interfere, rest assured that they have the experience needed to deal with the situation in a professional and effective manner.

Reasons To Choose Our Warehouse Security Services In Surrey

Our focus does not only rest on exceptional warehouse protection, but also on exceptional customer service. We understand how important your property and its contents are to you, and we will endeavour to protect this to the best of our abilities. If you are thinking about recruiting a company to offer you warehouse protection we can conduct a free security assessment to give you a better understanding of how valuable a warehouse protection company can be for your business.

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