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At Total Guard Security, our efficient warehouse guard dog patrol in Sutton will ensure your premises stay protected 24/7 against vandals or criminals. If you have a warehouse you are likely going to want some warehouse protection. Often CCTV isn’t enough to do this. Unless it is monitored 24/7, CCTV only helps catch criminals after the damage has already been done. So you should consider a security method that will deter illegal activity and would be criminals, or in some instances, catch them in the act. This is why you may want to consider warehouse guard dog patrol. Our dog patrol vehicles are conspicuously marked like police cars to deter would be criminals from attempting to damage or break into your property.

Professional Guard Dog Patrols For Warehouse Protection In Sutton

All our warehouse guard dog patrol handlers are ex army or military, with many years experience in the force and the security industry. They are capable of handling any possible situations with the highest level of professionalism. Both the guards, and the dogs, undergo weekly training to ensure they are kept up to the date with the best practices. They also undergo weekly customer service training so that you receive the best service possible.

Free Security Assessment For Warehouse Protection In Sutton

If you are debating warehouse guard dog patrol service, but aren’t completely sure, we can offer you a free security assessment. This is a chance for you to get a better idea of what we can offer your business. It will also give us the chance to evaluate your property and review areas that may be more susceptible to break-ins, so we can offer you the best warehouse guard dog patrols service possible.

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