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Gaurd Dogs Factory Protection

At Total Guard Security we offer highly trained personal protection dogs for sale in London. They are an effective security solution for you and your family. After intensive protection and obedience training received prior to being handed to their new owner and family, our protection dogs are able to quickly detect and neutralise a threat. Due to their enhanced skills, they intervene quickly in case the security of their owners, family and property is threatened in any way.

Protection Dogs In London For Your Personal Security

Our German Shepherd Dogs Working Lines are highly trained to offer efficient personal protection. The obedience commands they act on are recall, heel, sit down, biting on command, release on command, attacking on command.

Protection Dogs For Your Family Security in London

The protection dogs we offer for sale are a perfect security solution for your family. They will protect your family members against criminals, robbers, burglars, or vandals. If there are any signs of intruders trying to break into your property, they will try to deter the assailant with their barking or growling. Our German Shepherd Dogs will start biting and holding the intruders in case their warnings were not efficient enough. Our protection dogs will then release the intruders on command. Our German Shepherd Dogs Working Lines are a perfect addition to your family.

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