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At Total Guard Security, we offer high level luxury retail security in Essex. For luxury retail stores like Prada, Chanel, Gucci and many others we provided high-level luxury retail security services with our guard dogs and security guards that act as a deterrent against robbers.

Our Experience In Luxury Retail Security in Essex

Because police officers are not allowed to chase robbers or law-breaking criminals that are fleeing by motorcycles and mopeds to avoid injuring them, shop owners have to employ a more efficient way to strengthen the shop security and avoid robberies. Total Guard Security is here to help with many years of experience in the industry and highly trained dog units and security guards.

At Total Guard Security we provide our services not only to luxury retail stores, but also to all high value shops, whether they are small size, medium size or large size. We are committed to protecting your employees and keeping your valuables from the shop safe.

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