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At Total Guard Security, we have been providing reliable and effective guard dogs warehouse protection in Sutton for many years. If you have a warehouse in Sutton, you are likely going to want some warehouse protection. Often CCTV isn’t enough to do this. Unless it is monitored 24/7, CCTV only helps catch criminals after the damage has already been done. So you should consider a security method that will deter illegal activity and would be criminals, or in some instances, catch them in the act. This is why you may want to consider guard dogs for warehouse protection.

Our Efficient Guard Dogs For Warehouse Security In Sutton

In the unfortunate event that our guard dog warehouse protection team do have to interrupt an intruder, rest assured that our dog handlers are experienced former Police and Army officers who have many years training in the force. They are extremely capable of facing dangerous situations with professionalism. Both our handlers and their dogs go through weekly training to ensure they offer you the best warehouse protection possible, but also the best customer service possible.

Free Security Assessment For Your Warehouse In Sutton

If you are thinking about hiring the help of guard dogs for warehouse security, but you are unsure about the benefits of what the service will entail, we can offer you a free assessment. This is a chance for you to get an idea of what guard dog warehouse protection can do for your business, and a chance for us to evaluate your business and its needs. We can spot where the weak spots may be, for example areas that are more susceptible to forced entry. After that, we can devise a plan that is completely tailored to your needs and offers you the best guard dog warehouse security possible.

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