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Gaurd Dogs Factory Protection

Our building site guard dogs in Sussex are highly trained to protect your construction site, your assets and employees against vandals, squatters or criminals. Your company needs a secure location to keep you, your staff and your assets safe. Theft or breaking an entering can be inconvenient and costly for your company, whether that’s through loss of property or damage to your construction site. At Total Guard Security we can help you with construction site protection to deter and prevent this from happening.

Professional Guard Dogs For Building Site Security In Sussex

At Total Guard Security we can work with you to devise a security solution that will protect you, your staff, your property or your possessions from crime. One aspect of this security solution may be building site guard dogs, but we are able to offer this alongside various other options, ensuring you have a full package security plan in place.

Reasons To Choose Our Building Site Guard Dogs In Sussex

Our building site guard dogs are a great way to keep your premises secure. The performance of a single dog unit is better and more cost effective than running four or five static security guards. Dogs are loud and a great deterrent and hence can provide an active, front line security solution.

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