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At Total Guard Security, we provide professional security services for construction sites with our highly effective building site dog patrolling in London. 

Building site dog patrolling is a great way to keep your premises secure. The performance of a single dog unit is better and more cost effective than running four or five static security guards. Dogs are loud and a great deterrent and hence can provide an active, front line security solution. 

At Total Guard Security we can work with you to devise a security solution that will protect you, your staff, your property or your possessions from crime. One aspect of this security solution may be building site dog patrolling, but we are able to offer this alongside various other options, ensuring you have a full package security plan in place.

Professional Building Site Dog Patrolling Service In London

Our dog unit vehicles are Police-like marked and can be seen from a distance, meaning they act as a deterrent and discourage would-be criminals from attempting to enter the property unlawfully. They can offer meticulous and thorough building site dog patrolling, to keep your premises and its contents safe and protected from crime. 

In the unfortunate event that our building site dog patrolling teams do have to interrupt an intruder, rest assured that our dog handlers are experienced former Police and Army officers who have many years training in the force. They are extremely  capable of facing dangerous situations with professionalism.

Our Experience In Building Site Protection In London

We have many years experience protecting building sites with our dog patrolling services. We understand how much of an inconvenience it can be if your building site is broken into. A forced entry can mean loss of productivity, missed project deadlines or completion dates and that can result in a loss of money. Our building site dog patrolling can help prevent any of these occurrences, as well as help protect you from being robbed of materials or equipment.

We train all our dogs and officers to the highest standards or NASDU. Our officers have weekly sessions of training with their dogs. We also cover customer relationships and legislation in our training to ensure our customers have the highest level of protection, and best customer service, possible.

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