The main purpose of traffic marshal security is to ensure the safety of vehicles and pedestrian foot traffic for both clients and the general public. The traffic marshal uses hand signals and equipment to hold traffic, coordinate movements and communicate with each other to ensure smooth logistics across the whole site.

Since coronavirus, the purpose of and demand for traffic marshal security has slightly changed. Traffic marshal security is more important than ever.

How Can Traffic Marshal Security Help?

Supporting Businesses with Traffic Marshals Following Lockdown

Traffic marshal security can help businesses manage covid precautions in a number of ways:
Marshals can ensure social distancing measures are observed.
Traffic marshal security can control the flow of foot traffic ensuring a one way system is observed if it is implemented.
They can ensure all visitors sign in and input their details into track and trace if necessary.

Traffic marshals also contribute to the all round functioning of the business site:

They maintain site security by monitoring surveillance, recording visitors in log books and recording deliveries.
Facilitating the movement of vehicles into and out of the site.
Preserving the borders between pedestrian routes and traffic routes.
Managing the safe movement of traffic around the site, and offering 2 way traffic control if required.
Ensuring all workers or visitors to the business are wearing the appropriate uniform or PPE if necessary.
Monitoring all visitors to the site and ensuring they are authorised to enter

Who Needs Traffic Marshal Security?

Traffic marshal security can be used by a whole range of businesses; construction sites, large scale events, car parks, traffic hot spots, theme parks, hotels and education centres such as universities.