We live in a world where security is absolutely essential when it comes to protecting your business, its assets, employees and customers from people who would like to cause harm, steal or vandalise. Many businesses choose to hire a security company for peace of mind. But, how do you choose the right one?

It can be a challenging task to undertake. How do you know what to look for, are there certifications to consider? There is a lot to think about, so we have created a guide, to give you some essential points to consider. 

How To Choose The Best Warehouse Security

Before you Begin Researching:

       1. What type of security do you need?

If you already know the answer to this, great. If not, you will need an expert to review your premises and offer recommendations. 

      2. Research and interview

As with most things, it is a good idea to contact as many as five security firms. Have a chat with each, have an interview and get a feel for the type of company they are. You may also want to ask the security company if you can visit a site they manage, that way you get to see their working style first hand.

      3. Check their reputation

There are different ways to do this, you  may want to speak to one of their existing clients, or you may want to go down the route of paperwork… or, do both. If you are checking their licensing, ensure they are licensed by the SIA, this is a regulation organisation which ensures private security firms are properly trained and qualified to complete security work.

You should also look for a security company that has extra accreditations such as BSIA, CHAS, SafeContractor and NSI Gold. The security company should be a member of the SIA as a minimum, the extra accreditations are not required, but they show you can be assured the company will provide a good service.

       4. Get quotes

Once you have narrowed the security companies down into a short list, it is time to get quotes. Compare different prices and think about who you think will offer the best service, not just the lowest price.