Guard dogs are one of the most traditional and effective forms of security. Technology is popular in the security world but protecting your premises with dogs should not be underestimated. Aside from offering protection, guard dogs add a personal touch to your security system and are trustworthy companions.

Why Guard Dogs Are Useful

Reduce Stress Levels

It doesn’t matter if it’s an office, home or construction site, the presence of trained dogs can have a calming effect on workers. They are only trained to attack and identify threats, therefore, when strolling around the site they act as friendly pets that can boost your mood.

On the other hand, if you are someone who is in charge of overnight security, you will feel more comfortable when accompanied by a guard dog rather than by yourself. This also applies if you live at home without family or any housemates.

Strong, Fit and Potential To Harm

Security dogs are not your average house pet, they tend to be very fast and powerful. Not to mention, possessing strong jaws and sharp claws that can cause damage to perpetrators. Plus, they are difficult to run away from as their detection of danger only makes them more determined.

A guard dog will not hesitate to chase after criminals and when its suspicions have been confirmed, it does everything in its power to deter burglary and theft. In other words, as soon as guard dogs identify a criminal they won’t give up.

Smart and Reactive

It is not a coincidence that security dogs are used at airports to seek out drugs or other illegal substances. A trained guard dog will pick up on any unusual movements or sounds and start to react. These dogs are incredibly alert and it is extremely difficult for offenders to go undetected.

Onwards, guard dogs are intelligent animals. They know the difference between friend and foe and react accordingly. Familiar voices and non-threatening body language is easily picked up on, in the same way, that strange and alarming behaviour is identified and then acted upon.